Cylindrical and Rod Lenses

Companies in the Medical, instrumentation and production industries have taken advantage of Knight Opticalís expertise with optical lenses over many years, not least with the manufacture of Cylindrical and Rod lenses for use with laser systems such as borescopes, endoscopes and bar code scanners. The profile of a cylindrical or rod lens is similar to that of a singlet or ball lens. The added dimension of length results in the lens focussing the incident light into a line, rather than to a point.

This makes cylindrical and rod lenses ideal for laser systems such as bar code scanners where a strip of light is required.

Cylindrical lenses are perfect for applications which require magnification in one dimension, or where the anamorphic shaping of an image is required. Cylindrical lenses are also used to shape a collimated beam into a strip of light.

Knight Optical have stock cylindrical lenses for use in the visible and UV spectrum, as well as high index cylindrical lenses for laser applications. Rod lenses are used in similar applications to cylindrical lenses, but have the added capability of transferring light from one end the other with minimal losses, in a similar way to fibre optics.

Common forms of endoscope and borescope utilise rod lenses, as well as other laser systems where a light source is required to be spread to a strip of light.

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