Aspheric and Doublet Lenses

Knight Optical supply aspheric and doublet lenses for more demanding optical systems, where there is a need for the minimising of spherical aberration which is apparent with singlet lenses.

Aspheric lenses can collimate or focus light in the same way as a singlet lens, but do this with a surface which departs from the shape of a sphere like that of singlet lenses.

A doublet Lens, or achromatic lens, utilises two different optical glasses in conjunction to correct the aberration that is apparent with just a single piece of glass. Industries in the Defence and Security, Oil and Gas and Medical imaging markets take advantage of Knight Opticalís aspheric and doublet lenses where their use is in high end systems where the need for minimising spherical aberration is of high importance, and ensures that there is no loss of information in imaging systems.

High resolution images are imperative for both medical imaging systems like endoscopes and spectrometers and weapon sights and guidance systems, where no mistakes can be made.

Aspheric lenses offer the highest quality images, particularly where multiple wavelengths are used.

Other uses for aspheric and doublet lenses include:

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