Fresnel Lenses from stock or customized from your specification

Knight Optical have been offering high quality and precision Fresnel lenses for 20 years. Fresnel lenses are primarily used in traffic and automobile lighting, as well as in applications that harness solar light, or detector systems where light is gathered

A Fresnel prism is a set of concentric rings or lines of prism like surfaces, which act to bend light to a focus point.

They are used above a conventional lens when a more compact size is required, either due to dimension or weight restrictions.
Other uses of these lenses include:

Because of the mechanics of the Fresnel lens the image quality in comparison to singlet, aspheric and doublet lenses is lower. For this reason, a common use of Fresnel lenses is in lighthouses and in collection of solar light where energy is focussed to a point and an actual image is not necessary. Knight Opticalís higher precision Fresnel lenses offer higher density of grooves in the surface of the lens, which allow greater quality images to be formed.

Knight Opticalís range of Fresnel lenses includes standard and precision lenses up to 152mm in diameter, as well as cylindrical Fresnel lenses up to 310mm x 100mm.

In addition to our range of stock Fresnel lenses we offer custom and bespoke manufacture of lenses to your requirements. Please contact our Technical Sales team for more information about our stock of Fresnel lenses and our custom capabilities.

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