Singlet Lenses from Stock or Bespoke to your drawings

Singlet lenses are simple lenses that are used in most optical systems. In addition to being used in magnification and beam steering they can be used in conjunction with each other to give high performance in optical systems.

These lenses are spherically curved on one or both of their surfaces and are suitable for most applications where the focus or collimation of a wavelength is needed.

Singlet lenses are commonly used as a single lens, or single element is a system, offering simple focusing of beams or collimation of light from a source. This makes them ideal for imaging systems such as cameras and microscopes, and for projection of images where resolution of multi-wavelength sources is not required to be high.

Common uses of singlet lenses include:

Our range of Singlet Lenses Includes:

In addition to our range of stock singlet lenses, we also offer the manufacture of custom lenses to bespoke designs and specifications. Our technical sales team are able to offer free quotations on our capabilities and can discuss the best options for your design or specifications.

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